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Ugly on the Inside at White Buffalo Gallery - September 2015

Ugly on the Inside
Art of Super Ugly
White Buffalo Gallery is excited to present “Ugly on the Inside” art of Super Ugly for September running until October 3rd.

Super Ugly is a monstrous creature, stuffed to the rafters with cartoon escapades and sci-fi adventures. Never filling a blank space without a purpose, each story is told with a collection of odd shaped creatures and spacemen who make bad life choices. Life is not pretty, art should reflect the ugly inside all of us, which makes us the unique characters in our own movie… Super Ugly does that by painting his way through the mundane lives of those who exist right on the fringe of “normal”, letting the strange speak through his work.

Super Ugly is an artist who has been creating for over 25 years, from music to art, forcing his thoughts upon the masses whether they wanted it or not. His inspiration comes from his obsessions with comic books, action figures and cartoons, a sponge of useless information which is reflected in his work. All the voices in his head mashing together, pushing him to tell their stories at the same time.
Join us for opening reception on Thurs September 10th as well as 2nd Saturday September 12th 5-8pm

White Buffalo Gallery
3671 J st
Sacramento CA 95816

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Rick Siggins: Color at B. Sakata Garo - September 2015

B. Sakata Garo is pleased to announce its next exhibition, Rick Siggins: Color, opening on September 1st at its gallery in midtown Sacramento. This show features a collection of paintings from over a decade of the artist’s work. Rick Siggins’ abstract paintings are composed of multiple small, individually-stretched canvases. He assembles these intricately handpainted colored pieces together creating a kaleidoscopic effect. Siggins’ works, some of which are imposingly large and comprised of hundreds of canvases, appear relatively precise from a distance, but up close mesmerize the viewer with an intriguing weave of vibrant colors. Born in San Francisco in 1973, Rick Siggins was immersed in the New York art scene for over 20 years. He moved to Sacramento last year and this is his first west coast show.

Rick Siggins has shown with a number of prominent New York galleries, including Marlborough and Feature Inc. Rick Siggins: Color will be on view at b. sakata garo at 923 Twentieth Street in Sacramento from September 1 through October 3, 2015, Tuesday through Saturday noon – 6:00pm. A reception for the artist will be held Saturday, September 12 from 6:00pm- 8:00pm.
For further information, please contact Barry Sakata at (916) 447-4276.

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Mystic Pigeons at Atelier20 - September 2015

Join Atelier20 on September 12th for the opening of Sea Miller’s solo exhibition, Mystic Pigeons. This new collection is inspired by “inside the city” scenarios, featuring city elements like birds (especially pigeons), pavement, high voltage lines and plumbing.

Miller’s inspiration derives from the idea that it’s easier to appreciate the items we expect to be “pretty,” but by living in a gritty urban environment we still need to find the beauty in the everyday objects we are surrounded by. Miller wants to impart that we should seek to get in touch with the “something more” that moves our spirits.
Show Dates: September 12 – October 3, 2015

Second Saturday Opening: Sept. 12th | 11am-9pm

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Student/Instructor Exhibition at Patris Studio - September 2015

Patris Studio And Art Gallery
3469 2nd Ave
Sacramento, CA 95817
September 2nd Saturday Art Walk exhibit
“Student/Instructor exhibition”
featuring local artists affiliated with the Patris Studio.
hours: 6 pm – 10 pm

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Laurelin Gilmore at Gallery 2110 - September 2015

Featured Artist: Laurelin Gilmore
Gallery 2110, 1023 Del Paso Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95815
2nd Saturday Art Walk: September 12th, 6–9 PM

Laurelin Gilmore, a life long artist, explores realism, fantasy, and surrealism through her paintings.  Painting the human form has always been her touchstone.

She realized quickly that painting people with hooves; wings, scales and horns were expressions of her own experience.  As a woman of blended ethnicities, a person born on a cusp, and living with the skin condition Vitiligo, duality and the place where opposites meet has always intrigued her. Fence sitters, go-betweens, and people with a foot in two different worlds captivate her imagination.

This has been a way for Gilmore to move the conversation about Vitiligo to the forefront and has created a series of works that look very plainly at the reality of Vitiligo without the mask of a metaphor.

Vitiligo is a skin condition that shows up as patches of colorless skin.  It is not contagious or physically painful, and in many cases is very beautiful.  It can, however, be extremely emotionally traumatic for the bearer, and socially ostracizing.  When she was nine she first noticed the appearance of white spots on her skin. As in many other people’s experience, it spread in fits and starts over the course of her life.  The patterns of the patches are usually symmetrical, sometimes creating Rorschach-like designs in the skin.  In the absence of a cure, some of those with the condition have chosen to embrace it as a fact of life.

While everyone with Vitiligo is, naturally, at a different stage of acceptance, denial, or fighting for a cure, Gilmore was fortunate to meet several women who were willing to explore the condition’s inherent beauty.  Being a lifelong artist, she looked for Vitiligo in art and surprisingly, found very little.  So she took it upon herself to create pieces of art that explore some aspects of the experience of people living with Vitiligo, and the places in nature where kindred patterns are found. It is Laurelin Gilmore’s hope the viewer sees some part of their own experience in these paintings whether or not they share the condition, and that they leave with some new ideas about beauty.

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Random Acts of Art at Tim Collom Gallery - September 2015


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Poetic Landscapes at Arthouse on R in August 2015


Come to the Arthouse on R next to Fox & Goose this Saturday for Poetic Landscapes by Judith Perry, James Leland & Jeremy Duncan.

ARTHOUSE Gallery & Studios
10th & R in Downtown Sacramento

Gallery Hours:
10 am – 6 pm Monday – Saturday
11 am – 4 pm Sundays
6 pm – 9 pm every Second Saturday

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Monsters & Dragons at Art of Toys in August 2015


Art Of Toys offers art activity in front of gallery from 5:30 til dark for all ages – kid friendly – FREE- This month is Comics & SciFi and includes local artists Dwight Head, Laurelin Gilmore, Jared Konopitski, Gabe Sanford, Kelly ONeil and Chris Cinder all have shown other galleries.

Art of Toys
1126 18th Street
Sacramento CA, 95811

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Project Eve at White Buffalo Gallery in August 2015

Art of Royal Priest
White Buffalo Gallery is excited to present “Project Eve” Art of Royal Priest for August running until Sept 5st.

“Life is bizarre. God is real. Love is King. I agree with Matisse when he said, “all art is religious.” My goal is to create remarkable art and continue in the dialog with the great masters of art history. My work explores the themes of death, sex and heaven.

I paint on canvas with oil paint, which is a beautiful and traditional medium that stands the test of time. At times I explore working with acrylic and spray paint for diverse textures and techniques. I am interested in philosophy, color and precision. My goal is to exhibit my work in museums with the intent to engage people with the power of creativity, and to help them believe that everyone has a genius that needs to blossom.”

Join us for opening reception Thurs August 6th as well as 2nd Saturday August 8th 5-8pm

White Buffalo Gallery
3671 J st
Sacramento CA 95816

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Glass Blowing Demonstration in August 2015


Sacramento Art Glass will host a live glass blowing demonstration this Saturday. Renè Steinke’s art glass and tape art from Danny Scheible on display.

August 8, 2015 5pm to 9pm

Sacramento Art Glass
2500 Sutterville Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95820

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Abigail VanCannon at Atelier20 in August 2015


Join Atelier20 this Saturday for 2nd Saturday and the opening reception to Abigail VanCannon’s “Urban Layers.” This solo show focuses mainly on VanCannon’s spectacular plein airs of Northern California cityscapes and is a collection of some of her favorite beaches, views, neighborhoods that all hold happy memories of adventures with family and friends.

Show Dates: August 8 – September 5, 2015

2nd Saturday Opening: August 8th | 11am-9pm

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Richard Stein at Tim Collom Gallery in August 2015


Join Tim Collom Gallery this Saturday for the incredibly talented Richard Stein’s solo show, “Field Paintings.” Stein’s folk inspired renditions of the Sacramento Valley are a new take on a classic subject. They showcase Stein’s interpretations and manipulations of the textures, patterns and colors of the Delta that are only seen from up in the air. Complimenting these are a series of Stein’s Americana paintings that stir up nostalgia of Sacramento’s simpler country life.

Show Dates: August 8 – September 5, 2015

2nd Saturday Opening: August 8th | 6-9pm

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Art in August 2015 at Central Library


Enjoy Central Library’s Third Annual Art in August program series, Art in Sacramento – a month of free events designed to bring art to the public through hands-on classes and entertaining presentations.  Learn about the art that’s all around you and bring out the artist within you!

For more information visit SacLibrary.org

Central Library
828 I St., Sacramento

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En Em Art Space - July 2015

Off the Grid explores the formal, social, and environmental aspects of the grid. The exhibition presents works of art that offer alternative ways of engaging the grid as a structure, tool, device, motif, form, or system. Each artist in Off the Grid challenges in some way the grid’s discursive and conceptual confines, attempting to liberate its structural coordinates through concept and form.


Featured artists:
Zoe Keramea
Jim Shrosbee
Alicia McCarthy
Jeffrey Augustine Songco
David Kelley
Margaret Honda
Megan Ender
Einat Imber
Steve Lambert

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Sacramento Fine Arts Center - July 2015

Northern California Arts (NCA) presents Inner Views, their annual membership show at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center.

At the Second Saturday reception on July 11 there will be live music by Sean O’Conner and refreshments.

Northern California Arts was founded in 1939, presents a juried show of the works of the membership. All levels, styles, and media will be featured in this show. Inner Views will be judged by Brenda Louie.

Featured image: 2014 Best of Show winner Daphne Stammer, “Seated Figure.”


Sacramento Fine Arts Center
5330-B Gibbons Drive
Carmichael, CA 95608

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