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Gravity & Grace: A Retrospective of Randy Won in April 2015

Join Atelier 20 for April’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk!

Gravity & Grace: A Retrospective of Randy Won is a look back at the past 5 years of sculptural work by local artist Randy Won. Won makes sculptures inspired by nature and industrial forms, both separately and the intersections of them. His works range from reflections of landscape to explorations of form and structure to expressions for the environment through symbolic imagery.

Show runs April 11 – May 2, 2015

2nd Saturday Opening: April 11th, 11am – 9pm

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Perfectly Detached By Laura Caron April at White Buffalo Gallery

White Buffalo Gallery is excited to present “Perfectly Detached” the Art of Laura Caron.

“It happened late October, sometime after 11 a.m., the day following elective surgery.  I stood up from my hospital bed, and could hardly breathe; my heart started to betray me. Surprisingly, I was very calm, and it almost felt like I was witnessing the moment and not living it. 

This is when I almost died.  

For the next few days I floated in and out of consciousness. It is hard to describe this state of being.  I felt perfectly detached from the rest of the world, yet completely safe and enveloped in love.  

Now, five months after what I can only describe as a near death experience, I find myself striving to hold on to those feelings.  

These small works of art remind me of those fragmented days, and the great gift that was given to me.”

Come enjoy an evening filled with these beautiful and inspiring works.

Opening Reception   Thursday April 9th 5-8pm 

Second Saturday   April 11th 5-8pm

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A Message to 2nd Saturday Fans and Artists (March 2015)

Spring is in the air! (Actually, it’s almost beginning to feel like the beginning of Summer). 2ndSaturdaySacramento.com is due for a Spring Cleaning and it can use your help. Last year, 2ndSaturdaySacramento.com received several emails a month from galleries and artists with information on 2nd Saturday events. These types of emails have slowed down of the last several months. That is normal for winter. Now that Spring is upon us, we’d all like to see more information coming our way. Some galleries have closed while several new galleries have opened their doors. What do you know?

Please Contact Us monthly with any information you have about galleries, artists and events that you’d like to share with 2nd Saturday Sacramento fans. Let’s keep everyone informed together!

Have fun tonight. Enjoy and support the arts!!!

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Steve Anaya at myStudio in March 2015

A collection of Mixed Media (Photo, Canvas, Acrylic Paints, Wood, Spray Paints and Black Light & UV Responsive Paints) All pieces are original and are individual pieces. There are no duplication or multiple images of each piece at each art piece at each size. Each piece signed, priced and numbered on the back and all pieces are ready to hang or can be framed.

See Steve Anaya’s work at myStudio March 14th, 6 – 9 pm
2325 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816


I have been a Photographer, Painter, Writer and more for a very long time, but time is like images…it is only as large or small as the mind you absorb it from and into. DreamSequence is meant to change the standard way you look and think of the things you see every day. They are all started around photos of things that are either simple or complex, from day to day. The Images are all original, and nothing within the photos had been added to them, but the way they are viewed and the way they appear are slightly obscured due to editing. There are always so many more than simple things to see, right in front of our eyes, every day. DreamSequence is meant to to get people to start to look at everything in front of them a little bit different. Some of the pieces in this piece are Black Light and UV responsive and can look pretty incredible when in those lights; I am hoping to be able to show all of this to those who take the time to come out and see this show…and a few sequences from my dreams…

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"DREAM" at 33rd St. Bistro in March

DREAM at 33rd St. Bistro Flyer

Recent paintings by Mary Jane Boxer, Tom Sellas & David Wiley will be on display and for sale. 50% of all sales go to support DREAM:  Deterding Resources for Education, Arts & Music.  Support local Kids and the Arts!

33rd Street Bistro Conference Room
3301 Folsom Blvd.
Second Saturday Reception
March 14th, 5 pm – 9 pm

Deterding Resources for Education, Arts & Music
Deterding Elementary School
Where the Arts are Academic

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"PLUSH HE THINK" by Brandon Gastinell February at White Buffalo Gallery - February 2015

Excited to have “PLUSH HE THINK” by Brandon Gastinell February at White Buffalo Gallery opening thur Feb 12 and Feb 14th Second Saturday 5-8pm be ready to have your mind blown with epic art!

“Basically… I want to be an Art God, (Warhol level), and when I’m able to buy myself a Ferrari, I’m going to retire. I like to create cheap art. Pop culture plays a huge part in my work, almost every thing I’ve created includes a pop icon or super models… models are cool. I don’t consider myself an artist, I’m too pretentious.” – Brandon Gastinell


White Buffalo Gallery
3671 J st Sac Ca 95816

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"Littles" by Marbo Barnard, Rachel Cate & Kristi Hughes - February 2015

February 14th is a special Valentine’s Day Art Walk! On display are three local artist’s “Littles.” We have internationally recognized Marbo Barnard’s signature koi paintings, local talent Rachel Cate’s map art, and designer & artist Kristi Hughes’ little landscapes! These little treasures are perfect to polish off your art collection or give as gifts! Show runs: February 14 – March 7th, 215 2nd Saturday Opening: Feb. 14th | 11am – 9pm Being Valentine’s, it’s the perfect date night! Dine out, visit the galleries and be sure to stop into Atelier 20 to pick up a special gift!

Forget the flowers and chocolates; get your honey one-of-kind Art by one of our talented local artists or pick out a beautiful hand-made piece of jewelry! We have a wonderfully unique collection that’s will appeal to everyone!


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Tim Collom Himself at the Tim Collom Gallery - February 2015

Join Tim Collom Gallery for a special Valentine’s Art Walk this Saturday! On display will be works by owner and artist, Tim Collom. From sketches of beaches to paintings of Napa Valley, we have a collection of everyone’s favorites!

2nd Saturday: Feb. 14th, 6pm – 9pm
Regular Business Hours: Tu – Sat | 11am – 6pm


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Gregory Kondos at Shimo Center for the Arts January 2015

Reception: 1/10/2015, 6:00 -8:30 pm

Gregory Kondos at Shimo Center for the Arts January 2015

Known for his beautiful renditions of sweeping landscapes, renowned Californian artist Gregory Kondos has painted many views such as the islands of Greece, the French countryside, and the diverse terrain of California. Raised in Sacramento by Greek immigrant parents, Kondos received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in art from California State University, Sacramento. Highly collected and widely shown, his works have been featured at the Yosemite Museum, Sacramento International Airport, and the Reives Arches Museum, France, to name a few. For this current show, Kondos took a weeklong trip to the beautiful Yosemite Valley with friend and fellow artist Shimo this past September. In his characteristic style, Kondos has captured the beauty of Yosemite in eloquent yet simple charcoal drawings. On drawing, Kondos has stated, “Drawing is the skeleton under the flesh of a painting. It is where art begins. Drawing helps me to understand the landscape better…”

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Manuel Fernando Rios at Axis Gallery - January 2015

“Get in Where You Fit In” is Manuel Fernando Rios’ first solo exhibition at Axis Gallery. The works included in the show are based on the idea of acceptance. The imagery often includes figurative subjects juxtaposed next to colorful geometric shapes. The interaction between the figures results in pleasant or conflicting narratives. “Coming from a politically charged didactic screen-printing background and then experimenting with total abstraction in grad school, I felt like mixing the two ideologies in order to create the experience of trying to fit in. Weather you’re a child attending a new school or you’re an immigrant getting use to your new surroundings, everyone has felt that unease of trying to mix in so you don’t feel isolated.”

Manuel Fernando Rios at Axis Gallery - January 2015

Manuel Fernando Rios earned his MA in Studio Art from CSU Sacramento and his MFA from UC Davis. Rios is also a Headlands Center for the Arts graduate fellow alumni. Manuel is a practicing artist living in West Sacramento, CA

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Sam Hernandez at Alex Bult Gallery - January 2015

The Alex Bult Gallery celebrates the new year with a solo exhibition by artist Sam Hernández entitled “Sculptures & Paintings.” Hernández, known primarily for his innovative work in wood, achieves poetic yet vigorous free-standing abstractions through such widely-varying tools as African adzes, Japanese saws, Native American crook knives, and high-powered sandblasters. From early work referencing the totemic, his more recent sculpture has moved in a looser, more lyrical direction as it simultaneously moves towards a powerful asymmetry and a more intuitively based manner of working.

Sam Hernandez at Alex Bult - January 2015

Recipient of numerous honors including a National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artist Fellowship, a Senior Fulbright Scholar Award, and Silicon Valley’s Artist Laureate, Hernández’s work has been featured in numerous books, exhibition catalogues, and articles, and has been shown in museum and gallery exhibitions internationally. It is included in numerous public collections including the Yale University Art Gallery, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Contemporary Museum in Honolulu, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Macedonia, and the New Orleans Museum of Art. Professor of Art at Santa Clara University 1977-2013, Hernández divides his time between California and Spanish Catalunya.

The exhibition will be on display beginning Thursday, January 8th through Saturday, February 7th, 2015. An opportunity to meet and speak with Hernandez will be possible at the preview on Thursday, January 8th from 6 – 8 pm, and at the opening reception on Saturday, January 10th, from 6 – 9 pm, at the gallery.
 The Alex Bult Gallery is located in midtown Sacramento at 1114 21st Street, Suite B.
 The gallery hours are 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. (916) 476-5540.

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“CONTINUUM” Abstract art of Terese Garcia at White Buffalo Gallery - Jan 2015

White Buffalo Gallery proudly presents “CONTINUUM” by Terese Garcia for the month of January.

3671 J st, Sacramento CA 95816

Terese is a non-representational process painter who has shown all over California. She’s represented by Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts in Los Angeles CA and the Gallery At Ventana. She’s also an artist member of the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and the Pacific Grove Art Center. Her work is about texture, composition, palette and atmosphere where there are no boundaries to what can be said. Her palettes themselves are composed of ‘discovered colors’ made up of layers of paints and other natural and human made materials that cannot be found in a tube of paint. They are the end result of a process, which is why she so aptly refers to them “discovered colors.”

Continuum at White Buffalo Gallery Flyer

“My artwork is informed by nature, the unknown, impermanence and humility. I am a process painter and my work is experimental. I use the “process” to create my paintings. For instance, I may begin by using a blue paint and then I will layer and layer until the painting starts to speak to me and I’m then guided by these layers to perhaps draw markings with paper clips or old pens until I have really built a substantial surface that speaks strongly and powerfully to me. At that moment, a shape may appear and or no shape may come, which catches me off guard in a surprisingly positive way and then there will be a true feeling of completeness of the piece that allows me to see and experience a painting that I made that I have never seen before. This resulting observation, exploration and spontaneity unfolds naturally and none of my work is premeditated. In fact, my work is never premeditated, mentally sifted or dwelt upon. Each piece originates in the unique moment when everything falls into place as it happens. This process is part of my psyche, soul and self. I use many different mediums when making a painting that sometimes gives it a sculptural effect which is no surprise since I used to sculpt in clay and stone before painting.”

Join us for a Thursday evening of Art and refreshments as well as on Second Saturday.

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2nd SaturGay Art & Community Showcase - January 2015

Second SaturGay is a monthly art and community showcase that takes place as part of the Midtown Second Saturday Art Walk. This showcase is dedicated to celebrating specific populations within the LGBTQ community through art, poetry, music, and other mediums. The event includes art or performance, food and drink, and a lively atmosphere that celebrates the diversity and talent of our community.

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Joy Ride at Union Hall Gallery - January 2015

Laotian artist Somboun Sayasane is inspired by motion. His works employ water-based recycled paint donated by friends. He has exhibited at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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Noel Sandino at Old Soul Gallery - January 2015

Painter & Printmaker, Noel Sandino will have her artwork on display at the Old Soul Gallery in January 2015.

Noel Sandino at Old Soul Gallery - January 2015

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