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En Em Art Space - July 2015

Off the Grid explores the formal, social, and environmental aspects of the grid. The exhibition presents works of art that offer alternative ways of engaging the grid as a structure, tool, device, motif, form, or system. Each artist in Off the Grid challenges in some way the grid’s discursive and conceptual confines, attempting to liberate its structural coordinates through concept and form.


Featured artists:
Zoe Keramea
Jim Shrosbee
Alicia McCarthy
Jeffrey Augustine Songco
David Kelley
Margaret Honda
Megan Ender
Einat Imber
Steve Lambert

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Sacramento Fine Arts Center - July 2015

Northern California Arts (NCA) presents Inner Views, their annual membership show at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center.

At the Second Saturday reception on July 11 there will be live music by Sean O’Conner and refreshments.

Northern California Arts was founded in 1939, presents a juried show of the works of the membership. All levels, styles, and media will be featured in this show. Inner Views will be judged by Brenda Louie.

Featured image: 2014 Best of Show winner Daphne Stammer, “Seated Figure.”


Sacramento Fine Arts Center
5330-B Gibbons Drive
Carmichael, CA 95608

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LGBT Community Center - July 2015

2nd SaturGay is a monthly art and community showcase that takes place as part of the Midtown 2nd Saturday Art Walk. This showcase is dedicated to celebrating specific populations within the LGBTQ community through art, poetry, music, and other mediums. The event includes art or performance, food and drink, and a lively atmosphere that celebrates the diversity and talent of our community.

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MyStudio - July 2015

This show is all about the process of realizing who you are on the inside and challenging others to accept and question what they feel is acceptable or attractive.


The beginning of this process is a little tortured, showing that internal struggle with tight hands and feet clenching. The middle process of removing clothing represents that turning point within, letting go of all that struggle to expose the true self. Then lastly the confident gender fluid souls, beautiful in their own way and challenging the viewer to see the beauty that they see in themselves.

2325 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

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WKi2 Studio Gallery - July 2015

Please join artists Markos Egure and Teresa Gutierrez at the WKi2 Studio Gallery. The shows will be held on the Thursday before Second Saturday and followed-up with a Second Saturday show. WKi2 Studio Gallery is featuring three artists inside the gallery: Daniel Bernick (realism), Dwight Head (contemporary), and Nick Taylor (abstract). There will be an anchor appearance by artist Norman Ayles who will be painting a live mural outside of the gallery.

Across from the gallery, there will be a belly dancing performance by the Hot Pot Sudios. This is a fantastic show of live performance belly dancers, tribal fusion dancer, fire dancers, and more.

WKi2 Studio Gallery
1614 K Street, Suite 2
Sacramento, CA 95814

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Axis Gallery - July 2015

i could go on forever is Gillian Alexandra Kalisky’s love letter to the place of her birth, California’s central valley. Shot over a decade of living on the east coast and abroad, the work in the exhibition follows Kalisky’s travels throughout the world while always returning home. Drawing on an array of influences, the project is heavily process based. Taking cues from Eggleston, Ruscha, and the New Topographics, man’s influence on the natural landscape holds a place of high importance in the work. Analogue processes, such as Polaroid and silver gelatin, are also integral.


Axis Gallery
625 S Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

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Tim Collum Gallery - July 2015

Currently Showing – Leslie Hackard

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Brandon Gastinell at White Buffalo Gallery - July 2015

Art of Brandon Gastinell

July at White Buffalo Gallery


Brandon’s work is saturated in modern pop culture with bold, bright colors and contrast. His work is all about staging compelling contrasts and juxtapositions of collage.  The life and death balance is something that flows through each piece as well as blurred line between the beautiful and the monstrous.  He exposes just how thin the line between the two can be. He, as always, intends to challenge the viewers perspective with his stylistic interruptions.

Join us 5-8pm on Thursday and Saturday for opening Receptions for his new show entitled “Hi, my name is Brandon Gastinell.”

Looking forward to seeing you there.

– Ryan El Dugi Lewis
White Buffalo Gallery
3671 J st Sacramento CA

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Fe Gallery Exhibit June 2015


 Emerald Barkley, Brendon Holland-Morrison, Rachel Perez, Camilo Valencia, Ron Walker, Kevin Wilhite
 Opening Artist Reception 2nd Saturday June 13, 2015 at 6pm.
 Mini- Reception 2nd Saturday in July 11, 2015 6pm- 9pm.
 The exhibit runs through 7/30/2015.

Live blacksmith demonstration by Stephen Lyman and friends, 2nd Saturday approximate time 7pm.

Fe Gallery June 2015 Flier

Open daily M-F (9am-4pm) 2nd Saturdays 6pm-9pm – most 3rd, 4th Saturdays 12pm-3pm

The corner of 65th & Elvas in E. Sac

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Atelier 20 Exhibit June 2015

Join Atelier 20 for the 2nd Saturday opening of Randy Honerlah’s solo show on June 13th, 2015. Residing in the Sierra Foothills, Randy is constantly scanning the environment for inspiration, such as that is reflected in his new series of Sierra landscapes. His abstracts rely on vivid color, texture and composition to stir the human emotion. Much of his work can be seen in various Sacramento Valley galleries as well as in Hawaii.

Atelier 20 Exhibit June 2015 Flier

Opening: June 13th, 2015 | 11am-9pm
Show Dates: June 13 – July 4, 2015

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White Buffalo Gallery Exhibit June 2015

Perspective Reverence

June at White Buffalo Gallery

White Buffalo Gallery is proud to present the epic and profound work of “Perspective Reverence” by BAMR and GRAFFDUMMY  opening Thurs June 11th and 2nd Saturday June 13th running until Saturday July 4th.
  “For the most part, my work is spiritually based with deep messages, themes, or concepts to go along with the vibrant and heavy use of contrasting colors.  I aim to teach, inspire, and motivate others to do more with their borrowed time and to be a lot more friendly to their neighbors regardless of ethnic or cultural background (we are all in this together). In a sense, the purpose of my work is to create an international unity and peace while inspiring individuals to pursue their own passions and dreams. Although I do use a great deal of color in my work, I hope that the messages are clear enough to be seen and felt by the color-blind.”
White Buffalo Gallery June 2015 Flier
Join us for opening reception Thurs June 11th as well as 2nd Saturday June 13th 5-8pm
White Buffalo Gallery
3671 J st
Sacramento CA 95816
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Tim Collom Gallery June 2015

Join Tim Collom Gallery this Saturday, June 13th, for the opening reception of Cameron Walker’s new show. When he’s not making hand-crafted steel and wood furniture for local businesses or doing recreational sports, Cameron paints the most delicate and detailed watercolors. Living in Sacramento has provided Cameron with much of his subject matter and continues to be a source of inspiration for future work. His most recent series explores movement from some of his favorite places and events.

Tim Collom Gallery June 2015 Flier


Show runs June 13 – July 4, 2015

2nd Saturday Opening: June 13th | 6-9pm


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Robin Wenrick at Artist's Collaborative Gallery June 2015

Robin Wenrick is a seed bead artist skilled in the art of bead weaving. Born in Chicago, Robin was privileged to spend many hours at the Chicago Art Institute. It was there that she discovered the work of Seurat. Her works in pointillism was the ultimate inspiration for her work with seed beads. She creates her own original patterns and paints them in beads.

Robin Wenrick Art

See Robin’s work this Saturday!


129 K Street Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-7125Daily 11-6

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Gravity & Grace: A Retrospective of Randy Won in April 2015

Join Atelier 20 for April’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk!

Gravity & Grace: A Retrospective of Randy Won is a look back at the past 5 years of sculptural work by local artist Randy Won. Won makes sculptures inspired by nature and industrial forms, both separately and the intersections of them. His works range from reflections of landscape to explorations of form and structure to expressions for the environment through symbolic imagery.

Show runs April 11 – May 2, 2015

2nd Saturday Opening: April 11th, 11am – 9pm

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Perfectly Detached By Laura Caron April at White Buffalo Gallery

White Buffalo Gallery is excited to present “Perfectly Detached” the Art of Laura Caron.

“It happened late October, sometime after 11 a.m., the day following elective surgery.  I stood up from my hospital bed, and could hardly breathe; my heart started to betray me. Surprisingly, I was very calm, and it almost felt like I was witnessing the moment and not living it. 

This is when I almost died.  

For the next few days I floated in and out of consciousness. It is hard to describe this state of being.  I felt perfectly detached from the rest of the world, yet completely safe and enveloped in love.  

Now, five months after what I can only describe as a near death experience, I find myself striving to hold on to those feelings.  

These small works of art remind me of those fragmented days, and the great gift that was given to me.”

Come enjoy an evening filled with these beautiful and inspiring works.

Opening Reception   Thursday April 9th 5-8pm 

Second Saturday   April 11th 5-8pm

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