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Jane Mikacich at Tim Collom Gallery November 2014

Join Tim Collom Gallery for November’s Art Walk this Saturday! Our featured artist is Jane Mikacich and on display is her new collection of work.

Mikacich’s painting reflect years of brush strokes, writings, scratches, captured imagery and visceral responses to visual cues. She allows the paintings to continue evolving as new strokes connect yesterday to now. Mikacich has shown in many Sacramento Valley galleries and has work in private collections through-out California.

Show dates: November 8 – December 6, 2014

Second Saturday Opening: November 8th | 6pm – 9pm

Jane Mikacich at Tim Collom Gallery November 2014

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City of Elk Grove Seeks Artist or Welder for Public Art

The City of Elk Grove is seeking an artist/welder to create an art piece for public display at the new Special Waste Collection Center. We’re currently accepting proposals from artists to make an art piece out of salvaged materials that would otherwise go into the waste stream, such as metal. The goal of the public art project is to encourage the reuse of materials. The project budget is $5,000. Proposals are due on Nov. 7 at 4 p.m. Details about the project can be found HERE.

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Rousos & Burns at Blue Moon Gallery November 2014

Second Saturday Artist Reception November 8th
from 6PM-9PM ~ Artists Speaks 7PM
Main Gallery Featured Artists
Roberta Rousos and
D.Brian Burns II
Music by Randy Bryson
Appetizers and Wine
Show Continues : November 8th – December 6th
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday Noon -5pm
Holiday Hours: Open Sundays beginning November 30th
December 7th,14th and 21st.

Blue Moon Gallery Flier

Artist Statements
Roberta Rousos—Technological advances never cease. The world is changing before our eyes. New is always better; or is it? Roberta Rousos believes that we need to hold onto the best of the past to enhance our present and strengthen our future. Typewriters and sewing machines were marvels in their time; now they are vintage collectables or obsolete junk. Rousos takes the forgotten innovations of the past and gives them new life in her sculptures. She glorifies the industrial and exposes the beauty of the mechanical. Rousos then incorporates knitting, a traditionally feminine art, into the traditionally masculine craft of metalwork to
add balance and venerate our dual human nature.

D Brian Burns II is a mixed media artist whose work explores the relationship of the illusionary and physical qualities of art making, his work fuses together the often rivaling worlds of painting and sculpture, and strives to be in the middle ground between the two.
Burns’ work thrives off of the intuitive qualities of mark making, and the responses to material and paint. He seeks to understand the internal nature of his work, and by extension himself and humanity. He believes that through allowing ourselves the freedom to create intuitively and ask introspective questions, we can learn to understand who we really are.

Directions to the Gallery:
Capital City Freeway (Bus. 80)
Exit El Camino Ave turn east
turn Right on Albatross Way
go to Stop sign then turn right on Silica Ave.
(parking along green fence and street)

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La Muerta at White Buffalo Gallery November 2014

White Buffalo Gallery presents LA MUERTA – Love Unlost featuring the beautiful Dia De Los Muertos art of Ryan El Dugi Lewis who is one of Sacramento’s / Northern California’s top tattoo artist.

Come on out for our Grand Opening celebration of our Gallery and Tattoo Studio with food and drinks Second Saturday 5pm-9pm on November 8th!!!

3671 J st, Sacramento CA 95816

White Buffalo Gallery Flier

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Leslie Philpott - Atelier 20 November 2014

Join Atelier 20 for November 2nd Saturday’s featured artist, Leslie Philpott. Philpott received her BA from UC Davis and her MA from Sac State in studio art. Her new series of work features impressionist local landscapes.

Show runs November 8 – December 6, 2014
Second Saturday Opening 11am – 9pm


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Jeffrey DeVore at Blue Moon Gallery - October 2014

Blue Moon Gallery October 2014 Flyer

Second Saturday ~ Artist Reception
Main Gallery
October 11th, 2014 from 6pm – 9pm
“The Doll Auction”
Featured Artist ~ Jeffrey DeVore
Artist Speaks 7pm – 7:30pm
Music by Randy Bryson, Wine and Appetizers
Show Continues: October 11th – November 1st, 2014
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday Noon -5pm

East Gallery: Blue Moon Artist Collective
The Cottage: Christine Taylor
Art on the Patio: Anne Bradley, John Brewer
and Kanika Marshall , Chris Max Thompson

The New Action Art Workshop Two Nights of Studio Fun!
Tuesday, October 14th & Thursday, October 16th from 7pm-9pm
workshop takes place in Main Gallery.

Have fun making truly beautiful and original abstract art. Wine will be served.
$59 for Both Nights. Includes cost of materials
Instructor: Michael Schaffer
Contact Carol Brewer 916-920-2444 0r Michael Schaffer 916-213-3530 to reserve Space is limited
We look forward to seeing you, Carol and John Brewer
visit our website: www.bluemoongallerysacto.com (Join us on Facebook)

Directions to the Gallery:
Capital City Freeway (Bus. 80)
Exit El Camino Ave turn east
turn Right on Albatross Way
go to Stop sign then turn right on Silica Ave.
(parking along green fence and street)

A special thank you for the following people, artists for their time and contribution to the Blue Moon Gallery events each month Dorothy Champion, Jim Klein, Barbara Morgan, Jeannie Miller and Dawn Star Wood . We can only do what we do with your expertise and love.

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Parker & Templeton at Fe Gallery October '14

Fe Gallery October 2014 Flyer

In October Fe Gallery is featuring two wonderful artists:

First, we have LAURA PARKER a tenured professor of art who is an established artist in her mid-career as a sculptor.

Second, we have MADELYNE TEMPLETON having received 3 art scholarships who is now a student in the process of obtaining her fine arts degree and beginning her career as a painter.

Laura is an exceptional established metal/wood sculptor and Madelyne is an emerging talented painter.

Although, they are in different stages of their life and work in dissimilar genres they share the communal bond of artists working to refine their art; yet it is not the communal bond but their mutual underlying eye for beauty that leads both to create inherently stunning art.

Please join Laura and Madelyne at Fe Gallery’s October 11th (6-9pm) opening artist reception; Live Blacksmith demo by Stephen Lyman & Friends approximate time 7pm.

6:00pm to 9:00pm Blacksmithing demo approximate time 7:00pm

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Open Studio Tour at Blue Moon

Cast Sacramento Open Studio Tour
a once a year event
Saturday & Sunday Art Demo

Blue Moon Postcard

September 20th & 21st 2014 10am – 5pm


Chris Max Thompson, Gary Miller, John Hardwick
and Dolores Rodriguez
Our September Show Continues: September 13th – October 4th 2014
Featured Artists: Mimi Fogg, John Hardwick and Sung Hee, Kim
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday Noon – 5pm

East Gallery: The Blue Moon Artist Collective
Art On the Patio: Kanika Marshall , John Brewer &
Chris Max Thompson a selection of the 1000 bowls
The Cottage: Christine Taylor CERAMIC ART
We look forward to seeing you, Carol Brewer ~ Curator

Directions to the Gallery:
Capital City Freeway (Bus. 80)
Exit El Camino Ave turn east
turn Right on Albatross Way
go to Stop sign then turn right on Silica Ave.
(parking along green fence and street)

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John Kloss @ Union Hall Gallery

Cartooning is an odd bird strutting the local fine art barnyard. John Kloss cartooned the capital city as journalist staff editorial cartoonist for over three decades, and his drawings appeared in various local newspapers and magazines. Kloss often included social issues in panels in order to get paid commissions. He engaged himself in the important social movements of his time, including those advocating trade unionism, education, environment, and political reform. For fun, he produced color comic strips featuring illustrated educational puzzles for the Sacramento Bee throughout the 1990s, which enjoyed national distribution under contract to Creators Syndicate of Los Angeles. Kloss is especially pleased to be welcomed to the Los Rios California Federation of Teachers Union Hall to display some of these pieces, since he’s been an instructor of sociology and art at the region’s colleges.

John Kloss at Union Hall

Originally from Pennsylvania, Kloss came out in the mid ’70s to attend university in Sacramento. The artist’s undergraduate work is in art, journalism, and government at CSUS and his graduate work is in philosophy of art at the University of Sussex, England.

Come and enjoy drawings that are both fun and serious as he inked for papers, posters, politics, and penned plenty of playful portraits. Included in the show are whimsical works on canvas and in clay.

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Daphne Stammer & Anne Bradley @ Blue Moon Gallery

Art by Daphne Stammer and Anne Bradley will be on display at Blue Moon Gallery on Second Saturday, July 12, 2014! Enjoy music by Randy Bryson, appetizers, and wine at the artist reception.
Blue Moon in July

Blue Moon Gallery Directions:

Capital City Freeway (Business 80)
Exit El Camino Ave. East
South (right) on Albatross Way
West (right) on Silica Ave.

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Frida Kahlo Look Alike Contest @ La Raza!

Here’s some 2nd Saturday Sacramento Fun!!! La Raza Galeria will host Sacramento Frida 2014 – Sacramento’s first Frida Kahlo look alike contest. This will kick off their art series entitled Bound By Love: Homenaje a Frida Kahlo. Come and support Sacramento’s first ever Sacramento Frida 2014.

La Raze Frida Contest

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Stuart Allen & Richard Martinez @ JayJay

JAYJAY is pleased to present Stuart Allen and Richard Martinez for their upcoming June/July exhibit. It has been too long since these two JAYJAY artists have graced the gallery, and what a perfect pairing they are.

JayJay in July

Stuart Allen, who lives and works in San Antonio, returns to Sacramento to present new photographs – once again making profound statements with very simple and minimal images. Allen received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1993 and has exhibited widely including one person shows at the Crocker Art Museum and the Claremont Graduate University Gallery.

In this new body of paintings, Richard Martinez continues to refer to an interest in baroque decorative shapes and modernist painting techniques and movements. The artist hand is prominent as Martinez employs an approach to paint that celebrates the medium abstractly. Martinez received his MFA at UC Davis in 2001. He has just finished a one person exhibition at Texas State University, and was also included in the Oregon Biennial (2001) at the Portland Art Museum, and the Texas Biennial (2005 and 2011) in Austin, TX.

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Mary Lou Carreia @ Capital ArtWorks in July

Mary Lou Carreia’s Impressionist Artwork will be on display at Capital ArtWorks this Saturday, July 12th, 2014. Painting loosely with exuberant brush strokes, her vibrant color combinations express the changing moods of the landscapes.

Mary Lou Carreia at Capital ArtWorks

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Ruth Santee @ Red Dot Gallery in July

The Art of Ruth Santee will be on display at the Red Dot Gallery on Second Saturday, July 12, 2014.

Red Dot Gallery
2231 J Street
Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95816

Ruth Santee at Red Dot Gallery

The non-moving, non-living ‘still life’ has a centuries old tradition in fine art. Historically, objects painted (flowers, bottles, fruit, candles, skulls) often reflected a message of moral and religious importance.

Ruth Santee’s still life paintings are observational explorations of common banal objects; their structure, color, texture, proportions and the shadows they cast, are all significant elements in individual works. As significant as the object choice is, the cast shadow it creates is equally important. The shadow serves a dual purpose of creating depth in the painting, but also as the allegorical dual self. 
The study of objects that may seem superficially unimportant, have led her to paint paintings that are metaphoric commentary on contemporary life and relationships.

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Linda Kleeman @ Atelier 20 in July

Atelier 20 will be showing a new collection of abstract work by artist and designer Linda Kleeman. Kleeman has been a well known Sacramento designer for over 30 years and has displayed her art in galleries in San Francisco, Santa Fe, and Sacramento.

Linda Kleeman at Atelier 20 Postcard

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