WASH is proud to announce our Best of Show, “Hand Picked” by Maura Madden Donovan.

Please remember our upcoming Second Saturday artist reception and Award Ceremony on April 8th from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. Join Sac Fine Arts for refreshments and music while they celebrate all of the great paintings that were submitted for this show.

of Show, “Hand Picked” by Maura Donovan

WASH is the first and only group of artists devoted entirely to the watercolor medium in Sacramento. In 1978 Jan Miskulin and Nancy Haley discussed the need for a watercolor society. Jan’s watercolor class enthusiastically endorsed the idea. The group formed and met at the President James Monroe Manor and Jan Miskulin was elected as the first President. The initials, W.A.S.H. were decided upon as being an appropriate name for a watercolor society. The first three were easy to realize, Watercolor Artists of Sacramento, but the letter “H” presented a problem until Jan’s mother, Olive Schmid, suggested “Horizons” and thus the name was born.

Absent a home for exhibitions, work was displayed at various locations within the community such as Fidelity Savings, Home Savings, the John E. Moss building, and Crocker Bank. A Board Membership Exhibit was held at the Mills Gallery. These first shows were for members only and all participated. The first membership show was judged by Larry Weldon. In 1987, WASH was invited to become a member of the Sacramento ‘Fine Arts Center by Marjorie Long, a genuine supporter of the arts and a Past President of WASH[