A Quiet Presence:
The Photography of Lloyd Fergus

Lloyd Fergus, who recently passed away at the age of 99, was one of the Founding Members of Viewpoint Gallery.  Over many years, Lloyd dedicated thousands of hours of his time as a docent at the Gallery. When Viewpoint was located in the Sacramento Museum and Archives Collection Center (SAMCC, Viewpoint’s “rent” was paid by its members working on projects for SAMCC. No one paid more rent for Viewpoint than Lloyd.  In recognition of his service to Viewpoint, Lloyd was later designated an Honorary Life Member by the Viewpoint Board.

Lloyd’s images typically came from his travels in the western United States and Canada.  He worked in all formats from 35mm to 8” x 10”, and typically printed in black and white with selenium toner to finish each piece.

“When working in the field I have no preconceived idea of what to photograph,” he said. “I do not work to make a series, or a theme-connected group. Each photograph must be able to stand by itself and be complete.”

Viewpoint Gallery
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