Artspace1616 is pleased to present works by Lynn Criswell and Michael Bishop. The show opens September 1, 2017 and it ends October 29, 2017. The Artist reception will be held on Second Saturday, September 9th from 6 pm to 9:30 pm.

“Daisy Head

In her recent works Lynn Criswell explores the relationships between the past and present. The portraits of the primary school class from 1965 are altered, collaged and printed on a traditional Turkish felt. “By outlining, defining and redefining their appearance at the age of eleven, I’m perhaps reestablishing or attempting to reestablish relationships.”[…] My reconstructions are not erasures of details, but attempt at rebuilding a mental picture. Perhaps I’m trying to organize and solidify the space, my space, between adolescence and adulthood.”

Titled, “Neither Here nor There” the latest body of work by Michael Bishop continues to explore concepts of place, identity, time and power. By careful choice of visual vocabulary, Bishop creates narrative where beauty and danger coexist on an equal ground. Defined by the sense of uncertainty, his works are challenging the viewer to question the obvious and search the answer in a poetic quality of life.
Emeritus professors of Chico State University, Criswell and Bishop are artists that significantly defined the cultural landscape of the region. Both are known for their public commissions throughout the city of Sacramento and beyond. Their works are found in significant private and public collections.

Bishop and Criswell live and work between their residences in Istanbul and Northern California.