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2nd Saturday Sacramento

Nichole Lauren Fry @ Tim Collom Gallery June 2014

by 2nd Saturday
Tim Collom Gallery is pleased to have Nichole Lauren Fry as our June Featured Artist. Nichole uses oils to create emotional provoking abstracts with her bold colors and brush strokes. Already featured in many local businesses and households, so she is excited to have the opportunity to widen her reach through the Gallery. Be sure to stop in June 14th for the 2nd Saturday Opening and meet the artist! Show runs June 11 - June 28, 2014.

Martin Webb at Atelier 20

by 2nd Saturday
Atelier 20 is excited to show Martin Webb's new collection of works. Webb is originally from London, but has made a name for himself in the Bay Area. Webb's work comes from thoughts about people, places, and home; about age, time, and timelessness, permanence and impermanence. The work will include paintings, prints, sculpture, and functional pieces. Join us for 2nd Saturday and meet the artist. Show runs June 14 - July 5, 2014. 2nd Saturday Opening 11am - 9pm.

Kari Breese at Urban Hive June & July 2014

by 2nd Saturday
Kari Breese's art will be on display at Urban Hive in both June and July, 2014.

Daniel Yakushchenko at Urban Hive in June 2014

by 2nd Saturday
Daniel Yakushchenko's art will be on display at Urban Hive on Second Saturday, June 14th, 2014.

Andrionni Ribo at Old Soul in June

by 2nd Saturday
Andrionni Ribo will be displaying his art in the Old Soul Alleyway on Second Saturday, June 14th.

Gabriel Romo Mural Exhibit at Mayahuel Restaurant

by 2nd Saturday
Gabriel Romo's murals are AMAZING!!! Check him out at Mayahuel Restaurant on 12th and K St. They are having a Live Ceiling Mural Exhibit in the restaurant from 6-10pm May 10th.

WKI2 Studio Gallery – The Mayo Reboot

by 2nd Saturday
If you missed it last time, 2nd Saturday on May 10th is the perfect chance to see "The Mayo Reboot" at WKI2 Studio Gallery!

Collectively Independent: An Artistic Expression of Six Women

by 2nd Saturday
For the month of May, Tim Collom Gallery will be showing 6 local women who find their passion for art helps balance out their hectic lives as mothers, wives, career women, entrepreneurs, individuals. The title of the show is "Collectively Independent: An Artistic Expression of Six Women". Works on display are by Kathryn O'Connell, Christy Reid, Monica Hayes, Lara Kiniris, Adrienne Saake, and Alina Cervantes. The show runs May 10 - May 31. 2nd Saturday Opening 6pm - 9pm.

Capital Artworks – A Decade of Oils Retrospective

by 2nd Saturday
A Decade of Oils Retrospective Saturday, May 10, 2014 6PM - 9PM Capital Artworks Brooke Walker-Knoblich was first introduced to oil paint exactly 10 years ago in a Parisian studio where she learned to cure linseed oil, grind pigments, and mix her own paints. As she studied how the Renaissance Masters built luminescent color through thin layers, Brooke also began experimenting on her own by painting portraits with think, gestural strokes. Working almost exclusively with oils for a decade has allowed Brooke Walker-Knoblich to continue to explore the many divergent techniques of oil paint. From brilliantly colored impastos to subtle, [...]

Garcia & Marenco at Old Soul Co.

by 2nd Saturday
The artwork of Charles Garcia & Pedro Marenco will be on display at Old Soul Co. 1716 L St. for Second Saturday and the entire month of May. Riverfront Photo by Charles Garcia Fireworks over Tower Bridge Photo by Pedro Marenco