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2nd Saturday Sacramento

Stuart Allen & Richard Martinez @ JayJay

by 2nd Saturday
JAYJAY is pleased to present Stuart Allen and Richard Martinez for their upcoming June/July exhibit. It has been too long since these two JAYJAY artists have graced the gallery, and what a perfect pairing they are. Stuart Allen, who lives and works in San Antonio, returns to Sacramento to present new photographs - once again making profound statements with very simple and minimal images. Allen received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1993 and has exhibited widely including one person shows at the Crocker Art Museum and the Claremont Graduate University Gallery. In this new body of [...]

Mary Lou Carreia @ Capital ArtWorks in July

by 2nd Saturday
Mary Lou Carreia's Impressionist Artwork will be on display at Capital ArtWorks this Saturday, July 12th, 2014. Painting loosely with exuberant brush strokes, her vibrant color combinations express the changing moods of the landscapes.

Ruth Santee @ Red Dot Gallery in July

by 2nd Saturday
The Art of Ruth Santee will be on display at the Red Dot Gallery on Second Saturday, July 12, 2014. Red Dot Gallery 2231 J Street Suite 101 Sacramento, CA 95816 The non-moving, non-living ‘still life’ has a centuries old tradition in fine art. Historically, objects painted (flowers, bottles, fruit, candles, skulls) often reflected a message of moral and religious importance. 
Ruth Santee’s still life paintings are observational explorations of common banal objects; their structure, color, texture, proportions and the shadows they cast, are all significant elements in individual works. As significant as the object choice is, the cast shadow [...]

Linda Kleeman @ Atelier 20 in July

by 2nd Saturday
Atelier 20 will be showing a new collection of abstract work by artist and designer Linda Kleeman. Kleeman has been a well known Sacramento designer for over 30 years and has displayed her art in galleries in San Francisco, Santa Fe, and Sacramento.

Nichole Lauren Fry @ Tim Collom Gallery June 2014

by 2nd Saturday
Tim Collom Gallery is pleased to have Nichole Lauren Fry as our June Featured Artist. Nichole uses oils to create emotional provoking abstracts with her bold colors and brush strokes. Already featured in many local businesses and households, so she is excited to have the opportunity to widen her reach through the Gallery. Be sure to stop in June 14th for the 2nd Saturday Opening and meet the artist! Show runs June 11 - June 28, 2014.

Martin Webb at Atelier 20

by 2nd Saturday
Atelier 20 is excited to show Martin Webb's new collection of works. Webb is originally from London, but has made a name for himself in the Bay Area. Webb's work comes from thoughts about people, places, and home; about age, time, and timelessness, permanence and impermanence. The work will include paintings, prints, sculpture, and functional pieces. Join us for 2nd Saturday and meet the artist. Show runs June 14 - July 5, 2014. 2nd Saturday Opening 11am - 9pm.

Kari Breese at Urban Hive June & July 2014

by 2nd Saturday
Kari Breese's art will be on display at Urban Hive in both June and July, 2014.

Daniel Yakushchenko at Urban Hive in June 2014

by 2nd Saturday
Daniel Yakushchenko's art will be on display at Urban Hive on Second Saturday, June 14th, 2014.

Andrionni Ribo at Old Soul in June

by 2nd Saturday
Andrionni Ribo will be displaying his art in the Old Soul Alleyway on Second Saturday, June 14th.

Gabriel Romo Mural Exhibit at Mayahuel Restaurant

by 2nd Saturday
Gabriel Romo's murals are AMAZING!!! Check him out at Mayahuel Restaurant on 12th and K St. They are having a Live Ceiling Mural Exhibit in the restaurant from 6-10pm May 10th.