Fe Gallery October 2014 Flyer

In October Fe Gallery is featuring two wonderful artists:

First, we have LAURA PARKER a tenured professor of art who is an established artist in her mid-career as a sculptor.

Second, we have MADELYNE TEMPLETON having received 3 art scholarships who is now a student in the process of obtaining her fine arts degree and beginning her career as a painter.

Laura is an exceptional established metal/wood sculptor and Madelyne is an emerging talented painter.

Although, they are in different stages of their life and work in dissimilar genres they share the communal bond of artists working to refine their art; yet it is not the communal bond but their mutual underlying eye for beauty that leads both to create inherently stunning art.

Please join Laura and Madelyne at Fe Gallery’s October 11th (6-9pm) opening artist reception; Live Blacksmith demo by Stephen Lyman & Friends approximate time 7pm.

6:00pm to 9:00pm Blacksmithing demo approximate time 7:00pm