The Art of Ruth Santee will be on display at the Red Dot Gallery on Second Saturday, July 12, 2014.

Red Dot Gallery
2231 J Street
Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95816

Ruth Santee at Red Dot Gallery

The non-moving, non-living ‘still life’ has a centuries old tradition in fine art. Historically, objects painted (flowers, bottles, fruit, candles, skulls) often reflected a message of moral and religious importance.

Ruth Santee’s still life paintings are observational explorations of common banal objects; their structure, color, texture, proportions and the shadows they cast, are all significant elements in individual works. As significant as the object choice is, the cast shadow it creates is equally important. The shadow serves a dual purpose of creating depth in the painting, but also as the allegorical dual self. 
The study of objects that may seem superficially unimportant, have led her to paint paintings that are metaphoric commentary on contemporary life and relationships.