Simple Objects: An Excavation – JUNE 4-29, 2019
a multimedia collaboration of Stephanie Taylor and Christy Heron-Clark

Archival Gallery presents Simple Objects: An Excavation – on exhibition June 4-29, 2019.


Join us for a Second Saturday reception on June 8 from 6-9PM featuring complimentary refreshments and an opportunity to meet the featured artist. All gallery proceeds from the sale of photography and companion books will be donated to the North Valley Community Foundation supporting survivors of the Camp Fire.


Simple Objects: An Excavation, is an installation of written recollections, photography, drawings, rescued objects, and video taken from the CAMP Fire devastation in Paradise, California. Taylor collaborates with Heron-Clark, a writer and science editor, on this installation.


“This is a story told through the lens of objects: a hammerhead with no handle, a box of cherished film slides charred and fused, hunting rifles with no stocks. As an artist, Taylor responds to each object as it exists, transformed by loss and fire. For Christy, each item holds precious memories, resonating with meaning.”