Though I am not a Sacramento native, I moved here 4 years ago and immediately fell in love with 2nd Saturday. If you have never experienced 2nd Saturday in Sacramento, you’re in for a treat. On the Second Saturday of each month, Sacramento Galleries open their doors and share modern day art, paintings, sculpture, welding, photography and many unique styles of art to the Sacramento public. Though the tradition of having a monthly art festival is not unique to Sacramento, 2nd Saturday here is one of my absolute favorites. Now that I live here, I feel that I am a part of it.

Two years ago I built a fan website for 2nd Saturday in the hopes that I could bring new and insightful news of what’s to come on the second Saturday of each month. It started off well enough, but then I got a full time job that became more than full time. Though I am very happy where I work, I feel like I had left 2nd Saturday Sacramento, the website, sitting alone and gathering dust. It did its job of course, full of maps to local Sacramento Galleries. Every month I updated the local entertainment gigs that I found in the newspaper. However, it was missing the discussion that Second Saturday deserves. Fortunately, I found the time to reinvent, this time with more support for local Sacramento Artists.

There are not currently many artists on the website right now. I aim to build that up over the next few weeks and it will grow every month. Here, you can find information on the artist you love at Second Saturday Sacramento. Connect with them and support them. Every artist has the opportunity to post their own discussions on their 2nd Saturday Sacramento personalized webpage. Gallery Owners and Entertainment Venues will be encouraged to do the same. Please comment on their posts and support their art!

If you are a Sacramento Artist currently, in the past or in the future will be a part of the Second Saturday Sacramento community, please Contact me and I will happily make sure you have a webpage of your own on as well as the know-how to post your own blog on your page.

Featured Art is from PY Simpson. See his art at

Please let us know if you find any post or comment inaccurate, rude or offensive. 2nd Saturday Sacramento is family friendly.