“Back in the Ring” by Joy Bertinuson on 2nd Saturday from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

1616 Del Paso Blvd
Sacramento, California 95815

Artspace 1616 July 2016

“By exploring the narrative possibilities of inanimate objects, specifically the painter’s tools, and placing them in the arena of the boxing stage, I have been toying with ideas about the epic artist’s battle, inspired by the language of the male dominated sport, and that of the male dominated art world circa late 1940’s through the fifties.

The still-life arrangement, and its potential for narrative content, has been an interest of mine over the last ten years or so. Originally inspired by the vernacular of the sport, phrases such as “painting with the jab”, intended to describe a quick succession of punches, resonate with meaning as they pertain to the visual artist.

The language of boxing, as well as concepts such as the spectator and the performer, the stage, and those objects associated with such sport and with art, are all investigated through the creation of these artworks. These seemingly disparate vocabularies, of boxing and art, provide a wealth of visual possibilities. As such, the work is not intended to be “boxing art” or illustrations thereof, but is intended to reference associations between boxing and the creative process while simultaneously calling attention to similarities, and equivalents in language. In this work boxing is used as a metaphor for the artistic process, and for life. ” Joy Bertinuson