Axis Gallery is excited to present “Current Bodies” an exhibition of works by new Axis Gallery members Aida Lizalde, Doug Dertinger, Jamie Angello and Omar Thor Arason. This exhibit brings together four discrete avenues of artistic inquiry to create an exciting and unexpected interplay between disciplines.

Current Bodies

Omar Thor Arason
Base Combine III, 2017
oil on polyester film, 24” x 36”

Aida Lizalde’s work incorporates sculptures and video performances as forms of autobiography and exploration of identity. Lizalde uses her body and various objects to explore nationalism, assimilation, and social inequality. She is also influenced by disidentification, banal spaces, the home and the domestic, and appropriation of art, spaces, and culture. Lizalde is currently at the University of California, Davis completing a Bachelor in Arts degree in Studio Arts and is minoring in Art History. Her work has been exhibited at Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, SOMArts South of Market Cultural Center, and Blue Line Arts. She has been a recipient of the Vermont Studio Center Fellowship, the Hopkins Endowment for Studio Art Students, the Crocker Kingsley Art Award, and the Herb Alpert Scholarship for Emerging Young Artists.

Doug Dertinger was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. A landscapist, his work is focused primarily on our encounter with the inconspicuous and unattended aspects of our surroundings. He has shown nationally and internationally, and is in the permanent collections of the Princeton University Art Museum and St. Mary’s University Art Gallery, Nova Scotia. Doug holds a BFA in Fine Arts from Colorado State University and an MFA in Fine and Media Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and has taught at a variety of institutions across the U.S., most recently joining the faculty of Photography at California State University in 2008.

Jamie Angello’s work is driven by a compulsion to question and to search for the truth. To that end Angello is interested in the information hidden within an object and transmitted through time. Certain objects are the embodiment of ideological shifts. They act like signposts reverberating consequence along the path of cultural development. His work is about the movement of ideas as they shape the material world. More specifically the work seeks to explore the transmutation of ideology such as divisive gender norms, capitalism and its progenerate effects, tribalism, family history and spirituality. There are no predetermined conclusions which he hopes to convey rather, it is his hope to create a compelling catalyst for analysis and critical discourse. Angello’s current body of work, American Death Drive, explores intimate and familiar moments as a personification of a much larger trend. Jamie received his Masters in Fine Art from the University of California, Davis.

Omar Thor Arason’s current work negotiates morality as it manifests in bodies, particularly in their relationship to each other. He investigates the ways in which personal systems of morality, encoded in humans through foundational experiences, can extend beyond the individual and act in both unifying and divisive ways. Arason’s paintings are composed of figures interacting with each other in a variety of moral situations that are both personal and universal in nature, and pertinent to current political events. Omar holds a Masters Degree in Art Studio from California State University, Sacramento and recently earned his Masters in Fine Art from Stanford University last spring.


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