FAUNA ANOMALY [2017] back by popular demand is curated by John Stuart Berger. John who is known for his creepy crawlers and other curious creatures is also Program Director of Short Center North and has included several students and staff from the Short Center North along with many other exceptionally talented artists from Northern California.

Featuring over 40 artists whose art ranges from the hauntingly beautiful to the grotesquely abnormal.

All Short Center student art proceeds will be donated to the Short Center.

Roberta Almerez, Christine Benjamin, Jackson Berger,John Stuart Berger, Jose Bodas, Melanie Bown, Robert Bowen, Rusty Boyer, Steve Brorstrom, Tysen Cannady, Ashley Clark, Nathan Cordero, Carrie Cottini, Matt Crouch, Val Fernandez, Michael Foley, Clave Fourie, Fidel Gonzales, Bruce Gossett, William Haddad, Char Hall, Dan Herrera, Waylon Horner, Jared Konopitski, Dimitre Lavana, Julie Madden, Daniel Meidinger, Margo Mitrovich, JoMur, Bobby Jo Perkins, Tony Reed, Randy Reitz, Barbara Schubert, Kim Scott, , Mick Sheldon, St├ęphanie Skalisky, Susan Silvester, Jill Allyn Stafford, Janet Takahashi, Angela Tannehill, Jared Tharp, Clifford Willard, Aaron Winters, Ulysses Wong, Va Moua Xiong and more

The exhibit runs through June 1st, 2017.