It’s Such a Perfect Day, Robin Giustina

Archival Gallery presents In the World of the Living by Robin Leddy Giustina on exhibition April 4-27, 2019. Also showing sculpture by Eryle Swanson and Debra Kreck-Harnish.

Robin Leddy Giustina includes works based on sketches made at Water World in Sacramento as she floated lazily in a tube on the river. She enjoys people watching and connecting the past with the present.

Humanity really doesn’t change that much and Mythology is a great inspiration because of that.”

Eryle Swanson’s delightful clay sculptures complement this exhibition with high-flying rabbits on trapeze and twirling rabbit ballet figures.

Debra Kreck-Harnish’s Tutu Much Fun series of sculptures will be on-display, crafted from hand-made and printed papers, maps of the Sierras, and vintage ephemera. These sculptures range from 14″ to 36″ tall and are presented on integrated display stands.

Second Saturday Reception
April 13th, 2019 at 6 pm

Archival Gallery
3223 Folsom Blvd.