White Buffalo Gallery is excited to present “Perfectly Detached” the Art of Laura Caron.

“It happened late October, sometime after 11 a.m., the day following elective surgery.  I stood up from my hospital bed, and could hardly breathe; my heart started to betray me. Surprisingly, I was very calm, and it almost felt like I was witnessing the moment and not living it. 

This is when I almost died.  

For the next few days I floated in and out of consciousness. It is hard to describe this state of being.  I felt perfectly detached from the rest of the world, yet completely safe and enveloped in love.  

Now, five months after what I can only describe as a near death experience, I find myself striving to hold on to those feelings.  

These small works of art remind me of those fragmented days, and the great gift that was given to me.”

Come enjoy an evening filled with these beautiful and inspiring works.

Opening Reception   Thursday April 9th 5-8pm 

Second Saturday   April 11th 5-8pm