B. Sakata Garo is pleased to announce its next exhibition, Rick Siggins: Color, opening on September 1st at its gallery in midtown Sacramento. This show features a collection of paintings from over a decade of the artist’s work. Rick Siggins’ abstract paintings are composed of multiple small, individually-stretched canvases. He assembles these intricately handpainted colored pieces together creating a kaleidoscopic effect. Siggins’ works, some of which are imposingly large and comprised of hundreds of canvases, appear relatively precise from a distance, but up close mesmerize the viewer with an intriguing weave of vibrant colors. Born in San Francisco in 1973, Rick Siggins was immersed in the New York art scene for over 20 years. He moved to Sacramento last year and this is his first west coast show.

Rick Siggins has shown with a number of prominent New York galleries, including Marlborough and Feature Inc. Rick Siggins: Color will be on view at b. sakata garo at 923 Twentieth Street in Sacramento from September 1 through October 3, 2015, Tuesday through Saturday noon – 6:00pm. A reception for the artist will be held Saturday, September 12 from 6:00pm- 8:00pm.
For further information, please contact Barry Sakata at (916) 447-4276.