Perspective Reverence

June at White Buffalo Gallery

White Buffalo Gallery is proud to present the epic and profound work of “Perspective Reverence” by BAMR and GRAFFDUMMY  opening Thurs June 11th and 2nd Saturday June 13th running until Saturday July 4th.
  “For the most part, my work is spiritually based with deep messages, themes, or concepts to go along with the vibrant and heavy use of contrasting colors.  I aim to teach, inspire, and motivate others to do more with their borrowed time and to be a lot more friendly to their neighbors regardless of ethnic or cultural background (we are all in this together). In a sense, the purpose of my work is to create an international unity and peace while inspiring individuals to pursue their own passions and dreams. Although I do use a great deal of color in my work, I hope that the messages are clear enough to be seen and felt by the color-blind.”
White Buffalo Gallery June 2015 Flier
Join us for opening reception Thurs June 11th as well as 2nd Saturday June 13th 5-8pm
White Buffalo Gallery
3671 J st
Sacramento CA 95816