Douglas Herr: Wildlife Explored

Step Up Gallery
Exhibit Dates:
Wednesday, May. 11 to Saturday, Jun. 4

2nd Saturday Opening (General Public):
Saturday, May. 14
5:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Wildlife photographer Douglas Herr seeks partnership with the animals he photographs. He spends the time needed to allow an animal to become comfortable in his presence. This allows the animal to relax and often allows him to use use shorter lenses than are customary for wildlife photography. This in turn allows in the photograph a sense of the animal’s preferred habitat. In the ideal photograph, the animal is fully aware of and comfortable with his presence.


Douglas Herr been photographing wildlife since 1970. Credits include Audubon, Wildbird, Leica Fotografie International, Pacific Discovery, and BBC Wildlife magazines. Prints of his photos are in private collections on most continents. Now a resident of Sacramento County, California, he has lived and worked in several US National Parks and spends his time in whatever wild lands are close to home.